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Misty Issue 53

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The Nine Lives Of Nicola

Date:February 10th, 1979

The Nine Lives Of Nicola
Temple of Bast is attacked by the Cobra King - Nicola has nightmares about it and her cat ring cracks.
Page 5

Whistle And I'll Come...:Part 11
Toni escapes tutor and helps kid at fair by winning rigged coconut shy with Albert’s help.
Page 10

Age-Old Youth
Magic mirror gives Jill knowledge she will live to an old age and reminds Mrs Walker of her youth so both change their ways.
Page 14

Garden Of Evil (Nightmare)
Fairy tale setting, Tansy captured by wicked queen and made to work in her garden of poisons, white rose pricks wicked queen and she dies, kind sister takes over.
Page 16

The Secret World Of Sally Maxwell:Part 6
Sally collapses under strain of hearing everyone's thoughts.
Page 22

Vain Anna sees herself as hideous monster in a magic mirror her dad has brought back from Hong Kong – goes to magic mirror fairground and friends play a trick on her to think this is real and she resolves to change - pink colour way back cover and reveal that Dad has accidentally broken ‘real’ mirror (so she will see herself OK in future) - it works by suggestibility.
Page 27