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Misty Issue 48

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Date:December 30th, 1978

Hush, Hush, Sweet Rachel:Part 7
Mrs Prendergast accosts Lisa and tells her they can travel together and be happy, but she tells her to go away. Lisa’s friends try and talk to her mum about everything but get nowhere ‘If we all forget about it everything will be OK. You’ll see.’ Rosie visits Lisa to borrow some food and tricks her into being Rachel again and takes money from her purse, when Lisa’s friends arrive and try to jerk her out of it, but in the mirror they all see Rachel’s face not Lisa’s.
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The Secret World Of Sally Maxwell
Sally and family on holiday, drive past a MoD building, inside it is revealed there is a leak in Lab 9 and their car drives through thick fog which sends them off a cliff. Govt men find them and have them taken to a nearby hospital in secrecy. Sally wakes up and realises she can hear people’s thoughts.
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A Girl's Best Friend
Blind Carla and her best friend Belle the dog meet Old Greta who everyone says is a witch, that night Belle runs outside and visits Greta and the next morning Carla’s sight is restored, as Belle has given hers up.
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Miss T:Part 48
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Home Sweet Home...
Gloria and family move to new house, which she hates. She is unpleasant to everyone and also keeps seeing visions of a swamp outside, goes for a walk one day and is overwhelmed by it all and collapses, Dr comes and tells them he had another similar case before, and that nastiness of that old woman and Gloria has summoned the nasty spirit of the swamp. Gloria is overwhelmed by visions of toads and says sorry to her parents.
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Ghost Of Christmas Future (Christmas)
‘A Misty Christmas Special Story’ – Set in 1998 there is a bus crash and passengers seek refuge in nearby house which claims to be a museum. They find it warm and cosy and as are all soaked put on clothes they find and eat the food and have a Christmas party. In the morning a rescue party finds the bus with everyone dead and refers to an old Museum nearby burning down the previous years, not realising that they have all celebrated ‘one final, happy Christmas’ together.
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Whistle And I'll Come...:Part 6
Dog’s owner arrives but Albert scares them both off. Toni seeps on a nearby boat but wakes midway down the river and jumps onto a water taxi. Thinks about how unfair things are for her, and then boat stops and she realises she will need a ticket to get off.
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