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Misty Issue 45

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Date:December 9th, 1978

Hush, Hush, Sweet Rachel:Part 4
Mrs Prendergast visits Lisa’s family and tells them she believes Lisa is reincarnation of her daughter who died in an accident, Lisa overhears and wonders about her strange dreams and how Rachel died.
Page 3

Spend, Spend, Spend!
Goldie wants money to buy nice clothes for herself, makes a deal with two goblins that they will give her money and when she has spent it all will become part of their …errr… collection. Decides to keep last 10p but parents borrow it and she locks goblins out of house, but they transport the entire house with her inside it to their realm.
Page 8

Miss T:Part 45
Page 15

Midnight Masquerader:Part 9
Sarah leaves with dismissed maid and gives her letter to take to Elizabeth’s aunt, then sneaks back, she and Elizabeth investigate tunnels and find her father who reveals the Lady is his second wife and not Elizabeth’s mother and he has been imprisoned her by her and her parents (gamekeeper and housekeeper) who are after his money. He is about to explain more when Felix appears.
Page 18

The Not So Genial Genie
Protagonist finds genie in bottle on deserted beach and releases him but turns out to be evil and claims he will conquer earth, she convinces him to demonstrate his power (‘All I’ve seen so far is a big puff of smoke. And it ponged so much you should be ashamed!’) and he turns himself into a fly, which she swats.
Page 22

Whistle And I'll Come...:Part 3
Toni’s teacher reappears and catches her and Toni realises nobody can see Albert except her. Teacher takes Toni home and speaks to her Dad about his violence, he threatens her, and drags Toni off to see his friends, but Albert trips him and Toni escapes.
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