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June Issue 363

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Nursing Is My Life

Cotitle:School Friend 2
Date:February 24th, 1968
Price:7d (2.9p)

Orphans Of Italy
Page 2

Lucky's Living Doll
Page 4

The Reluctant Rich Girl
Page 7

Bessie Bunter
Page 10

The Houseboat Familiy
Page 12

Kathy At Marvin Grange School
Page 15

Speed-Girl Julie
Page 19

The Sindy Set
Page 22

Vanessa From Venus
Page 24

Suprise Corner
Page 26

The Weeping Edelweiss (Storyteller)
Page 28

Sunshine Susie
Page 31

Bobs Of Bowmans Green
Page 32

Fourth Form Wonder
Page 35

Freedom Train
Page 38

Nursing Is My Life
Page 42