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Misty Issue 33

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Date:September 16th, 1978

The Cats Of Carey Street:Part 4
Slum Demons agree to help the council man by scaring Gran and Jackie; Gran tells Jackie she has money hidden in house to look after her and gang overhear, then cats attack them and drive them off, Jackie sees them running away.
Page 3

The Black Widow:Part 14
Police return girls to Ms Webb and giant spider that has made web between pylons, she orders them to climb up, but in control room spider turns on electricity and she and spider fry, and their necklaces drop off – but when police go looking for it her body has vanished. The End?
Page 9

The Sea's Graveyard (Nightmare)
Jane and father on their ship Sea Lady and it sinks in storm, she wakes up on ocean bed in another ship, finds scrolls with names of shipwrecks on them and meets Davy Jones, she defies him and burns the scrolls and floats to surface, they are found by another ship who say it is 6 days later.
Page 16

End Of The Line...:Part 6
Anne follows search party into tunnel and see reporters and her Dad with Victorian men with evil eyes, faints and is found and taken to sanatorium.
Page 22

Miss T:Part 33
Page 26

A Leap Through Time...:Part 4
Elena still in coma and imagining herself in Crete, trains bull dancers and realises lack of confidence held her back and that she misses school, wild bull is brought in and she goes down with them to greet it and show she is not afraid, jumps into its pen and then told it is injured and savage…
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