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June Issue 320

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Cotitle:School Friend 2
Date:April 29th, 1967
Price:7d (2.9p)

Suprise Corner
Page 2

Lucky's Living Doll
Page 4

Zanna And The Jungle Fugitives
Page 7

Bessie Bunter
Page 10

I Want To Be A Nurse
Page 13

Kathy At Marvin Grange School
Page 15

Conflict On Corfito
Page 19

The Sindy Set
Page 21

Vanessa From Venus
Page 28

Cherry And The Children
Page 30

The Laburnum Tree (Storyteller)
Page 32

Bobs Of Bowmans Green
Page 36

Bike Hike Round Britain
Page 38

Susan's Circus Days
Page 40

Ranch Of Secrets
Page 42

Peggy And Patch Again
Page 45