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Misty Issue 31

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A Leap Through Time...

Date:September 2nd, 1978

A Leap Through Time...:Part 2
Elena back in England but still has gymnastic ability but slips when trying out for school team and dreams herself back in Crete with the bulldancers, who she is training.
Page 3

The Four Faces Of Eve:Part 12
Eve hides after crash, police arrive and say Mr Marshall and Gerry badly injured will not operate again, Mrs Marshall badly concussed, she slips away and is found by circus folk again, tells them her story and agree to adopt her ‘I’ve got two daughters now’.
Page 7

Doorway To Yesterday (Nightmare)
Penny refuses to sell Carnival she inherited to her mean uncle and friend and they decide to kill her but a mysterious stranger with roundabout arrives and protects her, and they hide in his roundabout and it takes them 100 years into the past.
Page 12

The Black Widow:Part 12
Giant spider in sewers eating rats, and special forces told about it grabbing a workman; Miss Webb dispatches Tara n Tula to Downing Street but Freda uses trigger word to change the plan and send Sadie back to Miss Webb’s to smash up everything.
Page 18

End Of The Line...:Part 4
Reporters go into tunnel and abducted by creepy men; Ann’s mum and boyfriend don’t believe her and send her to therapist, who hypnotises her and when she still tells same story decides she is very disturbed; Ann sees in magazine that Lord Vicary built the Prince Albert line and decides to go to his stately home to look for clues.
Page 22

The Cats Of Carey Street:Part 2
Jackie suspicious of developers’ haste; is picked on at school; developers accost her and say they will take her away as unsuitable home; cats overhear and attack them.
Page 28