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Misty Issue 3

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Date:February 18th, 1978

The Sentinels:Part 3
Jan’s parents don’t believe her story of doubles and the burnt-down school, she goes to get siblings from upstairs and through double door to flat and sees burnt school again, goes outside and realises people are staring at her, her friend Sally tells her she has to hide as there’s a reward out for her family and Special Security are looking for them when a helicopter appears.
Page 3

The Cult Of The Cat:Part 3
Nicola can’t dive as scared of water, gets in a fight about it (‘I’ll teach you to call me a scaredy cat!’ ‘You spiteful little cat, look what you’ve done’) and realises reflection is more catlike, green eyes, long nails, asks friends and tries to remove ring but no success, sees Charmian in street and follows her down alley but only finds white cat.
Page 7

Miss T:Part 3
Page 11

Sure-Footed... To Eternity
Beppo the Donkey is loved by the Italian village he lives in since (flashback) he killed cruel landowner who forced him to carry him to nearby village but fell and was dragged to death
Page 12

Green Grow The Riches - O!
‘Poison’ Ivy uses and steals from her friend Coral, mysterious veiled lady offers her unlimited wealth but (back page) reveals she is ‘Green for envy, green for danger, green grow the riches-o’ and Ivy takes her place having turned green
Page 16

A Breath Of Life... (Nightmare)
Colette tricks classmate (and us) in waxwork museum pretending to be vampire, rejects the garlicky food, that night classmate repels vampire with garlic breath assumes it is another joke and goes to find others but they have all been turned into vampires (dead empty eyes)
Page 18

Paint It Black:Part 3
Maggie’s father sells her second painting for fifty pounds and buys her new paints but when she uses them she is rubbish, Mr Laker (who bought painting) appears at their door with peculiar news about the picture
Page 23

Moonchild:Part 3
Rosemary Black [Carrie White!]’s mum dislikes her new hair, Norma and gang make plans to befriend Rosemary and find out what she likes so they can spoil it [also smoking]. Rosemary practises her power and it gets stronger, her mum sees and tries to beat her but she moves cane from her hands, tells Anne next day and is worried about where it will end and whether power is evil
Page 28