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Misty Issue 27

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Date:August 5th, 1978

The Four Faces Of Eve:Part 8
Eve is training to be a clown and has another vision, then sees plane crash on TV report: one year ago and only one child died, Amy, also taken to same hospital. Thinks she might be her...
Page 3

Curse Of The Desert Girl... (Nightmare)
Lina comes out of desert into town to trade, says she can do rain dance and farmers agree to pay her but then take back the money when it has been done – next day their farms overrun with weeds due to too-heavy rain.
Page 7

Journey Into Fear...:Part 14
Mark is kidnapped by car, they decide to tell police their story which is backed up by old guy at farm who is recovering in hospital, Kev tricks the car into thinking they are going on a crime spree and takes it to demolition derby where he smashes it up beyond all recognition, but last panel shows a new person looking at it and deciding to fix it up…
Page 12

Dance Of Death
Starving fiddler and his daughter made to play and dance for supper at inn and then kicked out where they freeze to death. Inn becomes haunted by their spirits and nobody will drink there and unable to sell it with the two ‘in permanent residence’.
Page 16

Miss T:Part 27
Page 20

The Black Widow:Part 8
Freda accidentally compels Sadie to ‘jump in the lake you creep’ and they return to Miss Webb’s anger having lost spider. Despatch rider at army base bitten by spider.
Page 22

Ratcatcher (Beasts)
Family move into old cottage and are troubled by rats, ask creepy Laird Cameron to help and Doris returns to house to get a book and sees a giant bat eating mice, final panel reveals he is vampire (but left unsaid and she never realises).
Page 29