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Misty Issue 21

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Fingers Of Fear!

Date:June 24th, 1978

The Black Widow:Part 2
[Opening splash page of face glaring out at us in middle of web.] Mysterious woman arrives at school advising against illtreatment of animals and offering five pounds for any spider they can bring her. Freda (arriving late) decides to take spider to sell to her, Sadie catches her and goes with her to lady’s house as can’t get it off her, when they arrive are trapped in giant web.
Page 3

Aunt Mary's Blessing
Creepy Aunt Mary tells Melody that she is a gypsy witch and will give her the power, then dies and appears as ghost telling her to go find her inheritance, she digs up box with creepy hand in that then crumbles to dust, and has premonition her father will be OK in hospital ‘But will I?’
Page 7

Journey Into Fear...:Part 8
Kev is acting like 1930s gangster then falls and hits head and comes round, in morning they go to see man he bought it from who says same thing happened to his son (now in prison). Jan tries to crash car into river but it veers into barn and burns, Kev wants to go in and get it and she tries to stop him.
Page 13

The School Of The Lost...:Part 9
Jenny saves Darlene from fall with straw and runs off with Antonia, whose parents pick them up but then return them to school as devil’s pact for success means she is to be sacrifice at gala day. Darlene slips Jenny a note.
Page 16

Fingers Of Fear!
Jenny moves in with sister and borrows old piano from school, one evening starts to play German songs and seeing memories of a boy dying and being dragged away, sister returns just in time and puts out candle, and hands at window recede. Investigate afterwards and find that piano came from WW1 German antique shop was ransacked and parents killed and boy taken to detention centre, later girl student at music college found insane playing German songs at the piano.
Page 20

The Eyes Of The Gorgon
Jenny has weak eyes and lives with Uncle Seth, who is obsessed with myth and legend, on museum tour she learns legend of gorgons and finds various statues about his house, opens a forbidden box of papers that reveal he performed experiments on her eyes and she is a gorgon, accidentally turns him into a statue too
Page 22

The Four Faces Of Eve:Part 2
Eve arrives at isolated house in country, has some more memories of cat posters and love of cats that she links to girl in her nightmare, then discovers her ‘father’s’ tax form which says he has no children.
Page 28