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June Issue 207

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Cotitle:School Friend 2
Date:February 27th, 1965
Price:7d (2.9p)

Suprise Corner
Page 2

Lucky's Living Doll
Page 4

Me By Pepi
Page 6

Daron Of The Islands
Page 7

Bessie Bunter
Page 10

Life At St. Luke's
Page 12

Page 16

Kathy At Marvin Grange School
Page 17

The Way Of A Champion
Page 20

Vanessa From Venus
Page 26

Cherry And The Children
Page 28

The Diary From The Past (Storyteller)
Page 30

June And Jiffy
Page 33

My Friend Sara
Page 34

The Lovable Lumplings
Page 37

Diana's Diary
Page 38

The Mystery OF Beacon House
Page 41

Cloris And Claire
Page 43