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Misty Annual Issue 1985

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Date:January 1st, 1985

Count The Flowers
Blind Polly comes and sits in the theatre for free every week and is company for the owner Mr Mobely who always gives her flowers. He hears her in the theatre on Sunday when there is no show, and realises she is watching a ghostly performance of a magician, Gant, who performed 60 years ago – he gives her back her sight and she says she believes in magic again.

Grandfather's Clock

Grandfather's Clock:Part 2

Grandfather's Clock:Part 3

Grandfather's Clock:Part 4

Grandfather's Clock:Part 5

Grandfather's Clock:Part 6

Grandfather's Clock:Part 7

Grandfather's Clock:Part 8

Grandfather's Clock:Part 9

Grandfather's Clock:Part 10

Grandfather's Clock:Part 11

Grandfather's Clock:Part 12

Lottie Comes Back
Jenny and family move to flat which she hates and is lonely, sees ghostly girl and follows her to house where she helps an old woman after a fall, the woman tells her that was the ghost of her daughter who was killed playing on building site and now she has saved her she won't be back.

Miss T:Part 1600

Miss T:Part 1601

Silverwing (Beasts)
Jenny befriends a partially albino blackbird and saves it from others, and from a cat – she catches severe cold waiting for the vet and gets pneumonia and fever, bird sings and brings her back from death and she finds she can sing too now, bird dies, but she becomes famous singer.

The Day The Sky Grew Dark... (Beasts)
Tatum sent to live with Uncle Maxwell in his creepy silent house, discovers he is keeping birds in cellar and experimenting to gain power of flight, they escape and peck him to death, she answers phone and says ‘right now… he’s feeding the birds’

The Forest Of Dean
Family camping in forest meet Old George who tells/warns them about nearby mine, the two sisters go and explore it the next day (ignoring warning sign!) and Vanessa is trapped in cave-in, Polly fetches parents and then goes back as Vanessa says there is someone else there and finds skeleton that she recognises as Old George from medallion round his neck.

The House On The Hill
Sarah and family move to new house after her mum dies and lots of other ill fortune, Sarah finds her youg sister sleepwalking and possessed, scrabbling at panel door to the cellar. Next day researches history of the house and finds it was owned by Lady Ula, goes back into cellar and finds packing case, Jan transforms again and attacks her, she fights back and candle is knocked over and sets the cellar on fire. It is put out and she realises that the spirit of Lady Ula protecting her son Anton Carl, 'a medical man, Dr. A.C.Ula' - vampire Dracula. Case has vanished and the family get a nice new house.

The Sin-Eater
Orphan Charlotte's coach is held up by highwayman and when she reveals her uncle's name everyone turns against her, as he is a sin-eater (eats food from atop dead man's coffin and takes their sins upon himself). He tries to get her to do this for hin and she runs away and is saved by highwayman who helps her and finds her a job, and when he is shot she acts as sin eater for him.

The Thing From The Deep
Katie is bored on holiday with her father who is a fossil expert, she finds similar tracks to his fossils but he doesn't believe her, and she doesn't realise she is being watched by a mysterious monster. She goes swimming and is saved by a Thing from the Deep monster but decides not to tell her father as he will only capture it.

When The Earth Caught Fire
Illicit King Merkillion send his niece (rightful princess) to wake a monster who will put out the increasing heat in the land. On her journey she meets Misty who gives her a star pendant which she uses to call Misty who saves them from the monster by creating crisps falling from the roof of his cave for him to eat. The princess returns home to find her uncle has died and becomes queen.

When The Rain Falls...
Marcus and Amanda are slaves sold in market and separated, one night they both escape and are confronted by lions, but hear mysterious voice that takes them to the ark as it begins to rain…