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Misty Annual Issue 1982

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Date:January 1st, 1982

A World Elsewhere
Asmolinda is trapped in ice by spurned lover Goth and Ice Queen, can only be free by a human soul. Misty visits Goth and finds him the soul of a girl, Stella, who frees Asmolinda who turns to light, and Stella wakes up from her coma.

Cilla the Chiller:Part 4

Don't Look In The Mirror
Kate, Tom and Beth go to stay with their estranged Aunt Eliza, who warns them not to look in a mirror in her attic. Tom disappeared and when the children investigate they realise that they are figments of her imagination and already dead and join their family in the mirror.

Down in The Cellar (True Ghost)
Rosemary and family holiday in a cottage where Rosemary feels a sad presence in cellar and hears sound of spinning overnight. They discover love letters hidden beneath the floorboards from girl to her boyfriend that were never delivered by her cruel father who kept her trapped in cellar spinning yarn, and after that the ghost leaves.

Miss T:Part 1300

Miss T:Part 1301

Miss T:Part 1302

Out For Blood
Joan and class are on a school trip in Europe which includes a visit to castle of Countess Bathory who Joan relates to the old legend of bathing in blood. The bus crashes and Joan goes for help, the Countess reveals she is a vampire and tries to hypnotise Joan but her glasses are broken, and Joan pushes her into bath of water not blood which destroys her.

Stranger In My Mirror

Stranger In My Mirror:Part 2

Stranger In My Mirror:Part 3

Stranger In My Mirror:Part 4

Stranger In My Mirror:Part 5

Stranger In My Mirror:Part 6

Stranger In My Mirror:Part 7

The Dreamer
Bookended by Misty. Deirdre dreams of ancient Irish chieftains defending their land and discovers a chest of treasure exactly where she sees, proving to her friend Donal that her voices are real.

The Greek Girl

The Greek Girl:Part 2

The Greek Girl:Part 3

The Greek Girl:Part 4

The Greek Girl:Part 5

The Greek Girl:Part 6

The Greek Girl:Part 7

The Greek Girl:Part 8

The Greek Girl:Part 9

The Green China Man
Spoilt and selfish Tina buys a green china figure from an antique shop and realises it grants whatever she wishes, decides to vanish a girl from her school but when she tells her to 'get lost' an echo throws the words back at her and she vanishes. Her mum is so upset she accidentally smashes the figure while cleaning and all the wishes are undone and Tina returns.

The Green Lady Of Thorpe Hall (True Ghost)
Widow Juanita falls in love with an English prisoner and sells her jewels to free him, then follows him to England and finds he is married and kills herself and haunts his mansion.

The Snow Girl
Narrated by Nicky who is a loner and confronted by a snowgirl statue asking for help. She runs away and is hit by a car and realises the girl is the same one who asked her for help a few years ago when upset about her exam results, but Nicky ignored her and she was hit by a car and died. Ends with Nicky in hospital haunted by snowgirl who comes in through window.

The Thing In Chains
Narrator cycles to a summer fair, caught in storm on way home and hits dog, when tries to find it only hears rattling of chain and the growl of a giant ghostly bear, but the ghost of the dog reappears and fights it off. Narrator found by road in morning, convinced these were ghosts of bear baiting as street is called Bear Lane.