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Misty Annual Issue 1981

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Date:January 1st, 1981

Mountain Girl
Anna and her Grandfather help a village grow crops but they become greedy and won't let them leave; her grandfather is accidentally shot and Anna goes home and brings an earthquake down, destroying the village.
Page 3

Miss T:Part 1200
Page 9

Jinny is dared to spend the night in a haunted house by her friends, she sneaks out after her mother warns her there is a Borstal boy on the loose, goes into house and finds a boy there and they talk. He tells her they are coming for him tonight and makes her leave, the next morning she finds out the Borstal boy was caught early on and her friend tells her the ghost of a young highwayman haunts the house. She is sure she will see him again...
Page 10

Strange Heritage
Page 16

The Evil Garden
Ruth is captured when picking herbs and made to tend the garden of evil Ruella and her kind sister. Discovers that Ruella plots to kill her sister but she is pricked by white rose and dies and her kind sister takes over. [Redrawn version of 'Garden of Evil' from #53]
Page 28

Betty breaks into Miss Fiske's house to see her sculptures and when she is chased off steals some wax which she makes into a doll and stabs with pins in revenge. Miss Fiske falls ill and she can't remove the pins or get rid of the doll which just keeps getting bigger. She buries it in the graveyard and goes to see Miss Fiske who says she must stay with her creature and it grabs her.
Page 34

Cilla the Chiller
Page 40

Strange Heritage:Part 2
Page 41

Strange Heritage:Part 3
Page 65

Rubie's Best Friend
Bookended by Misty. Ruthie rescues an ex-fighting dog from drowning and one day they are walking in forest when he warns her of fire, a tree falls on him and she has to leave him but then he reappears in the smoke and guides her to safety, but after the fire is out they discover his body still trapped under the tree. Misty asks questions at the end.
Page 84

Miss T:Part 1201
Page 88

The Haunted Library
Misty bookends. Fay and Cora are tasked with clearing old turret room to make into a school library but mysterious occurences such as books being thrown around and a note appearing. They research and discover that in Victorian times a boy used to be locked in there by his tutor, and that the note is on old paper. Next time they go in it feels like the curse has gone. Misty ends on questions.
Page 89

Ghostly Music
Misty bookends and explains the science at the end. Historical. Johann makes lutes but wants to be respected as a scientist. He creates a skeleton puppet that appears to play the lute by itself. The townsfolk decide to burn him as a witch but his sister finds his lute and realises he has been making the skeleton appear to play through sympathy of sound.
Page 94

Rag Doll
Rachel is bullied in orphanage and her wicked aunt plots against her to take her inheritance. Through witchcraft she creates a rag doll and sends it to her and when Rachel makes a wish it acts upon it, injuring her mean teacher. That night Rachel wishes to be dead and the rag doll sets a fire, but it catches fire itself and her aunt burns up and Rachel inherits her fortune.
Page 97

Cilla the Chiller:Part 2
Page 103

Phantom Of The Mist...
Maria sees a vision of shadows struggling and saves hermit when accused of stealing from a monastary.
Page 105

The Weird Sisters...
Historical, Edwardian. Laura's mother dies in childbirth and nurse Angela Double comes to help but at times attacks the baby (removes covers, scratches his face, poisons him) and Laura gets blame. Angela explains she has an evil sister Davina but won't reveal it, nobody believes Laura until she tells the doctor who treated Angela as a child for a belief that she had an evil twin - that the wicked side of her character had come alive. Angela is locked up but found dead with a message on the mirror from Davina.
Page 109

Cilla the Chiller:Part 3
Page 115

Prince Of Lightning
Bookended by Misty. Libby goes to stay with her friend Kim who has inherited an old house with Aztec statues, Kim believes the statues are possessed and Libby finds her tied up and about to be sacrificied, but it turns out it is a trick by a man who wants to buy them as at the end lightning strikes and reveals the altar contains priceless jewels.
Page 116

Strange Heritage:Part 4
Page 121