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Sandie Annual Issue 1973


Date:January 1st, 1973

Friends And Neighbours
Page 3

A Mascot For The Minitones
Page 12

The Haunted Valley
Page 17

Annie's Animal Sanctuary
Page 23

A Pet's Plot
Page 33

Wendy the Witch
Page 40

Darlow And Daughter
Page 42

The Lost Secret
Page 50

The Plan That Rocked The School
Page 55

Companion To A Star
Page 69

Follow My Leader
Page 75

Not So Lady-Like Lucy
Page 85

Wee Sue
Page 92

Lotty Laughs Last
Page 97

Page 102

Barbara And The Blue Jewels
Page 110

The Dutyful Dolphin
Page 119

Bruno Big Heart
Page 124

Too Easy For Lee
Page 131

Brenda's Brownies:Part 1973
Page 136

Jumbo Joins The Family
Page 138

Bonnie's Butler
Page 153