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Diana For Girls Issue 1971

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Date:January 1st, 1971

The Swish Family Robinson
Page 6

Lorna In The Wild West
Page 27

The Sacred Geese of Juno
Page 31

Mister Mack's Last Trick (Storyteller)
Page 33

Aunt Gretchen's Secret Recipe
Page 37

Little Yoo
Page 39

Two Can Play
Page 45

Up-To-Date Kate
Page 49

Mouse In The House
Page 50

Rosie Red Riding Hood
Page 51

My Big Brother Marmaduke
Page 52

Mary Brown's Schooldays
Page 56

The Day The Monet Fell Off The Mantelpiece
Page 66

The Affair Of The Artful Dodgers
Page 70

The Terrors From The Tiny Planet
Page 75

Ingrid And The Robot
Page 80

School For Penfriends
Page 81

The Secret Of The White Rose
Page 85

Agatha's Fourteenth Birthday
Page 89

What's The Time In Trinidad?
Page 91

Sue Of The Silver Arrow
Page 93

Secret Of The Mountain Dog
Page 97

A Bird Called Peg-Leg
Page 111

Patsy O'Hara
Page 113

Jane Model Miss
Page 116

Starr Of Wonderland
Page 120