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Diana For Girls Issue 1969

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Date:January 1st, 1969
Price:8/6d (42.5p)

The Girls From N.O.O.D.L.E.S.
Page 6

Mary Brown's Schooldays
Page 12

How Kathy Tricked A Ghost
Page 33

Life With Miss Peake - Ugh!
Page 37

Mandy The Thirteenth
Page 39

Nothing But The Best - For Cousin Gertrude
Page 47

Emergency Nurse Gwen
Page 49

The Village That Died
Page 55

Mascot Of The Ballet
Page 62

The Mermaids
Page 76

Wedding Belle
Page 81

The Loneliness Of Being Sandra
Page 87

Ingrid At Push-Button Academy
Page 89

The Girl With The Magic Touch
Page 95

Jane Model Miss
Page 98

Starr Of Wonderland
Page 105

Sadie Macbeth
Page 114

Lorna At Court
Page 122