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Misty Issue 19

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The Age-Old Secret

Date:June 10th, 1978

Mrs. Barlow's Lodger...
Kate and mother take in creepy Dr Stark who sits in his room writing music and never eats. She follows him to graveyard one night and he reveals himself as a (very scary!) skeleton and raises the dead. Kate cannot tell anyone.
Page 3

Curse Of The Condor
Kate has nightmares about her grandfather being attacked by condor (he is archaeologist looking for this Inca lost city, Cori-Cancha), he collapses on the way there and giant condor comes and shades him with wings, and shows him vision of the city that he believes is real before he dies.
Page 7

The Age-Old Secret
Sarah’s mother is desperate to stay young, buys all sorts of products and has a face lift, and in hospital is offered Egyptian treatment by ‘a greasy-haired unpleasant man’ who she believes is professor – Sarah returns home to find her mother mummified on bed and shouts ‘MUMMY!’
Page 13

Day Of The Dragon:Part 10
Dave beats up guards and takes sword which uses him to slay Lee. They escape and both sword and mirror crumble/smash, releasing souls of Chen and Chiang. Dave goes back to look, and nothing is there except derelict building and concludes it is all hallucination. They decide to forget it all and take a holiday and walk off holding hands (romance?).
Page 16

The School Of The Lost...:Part 7
Jenny escapes but train ticket seller is in league with Head and stalls her, train stops at signals for Head’s car and she jumps out, and hitches a ride on motorway with barrister who takes her home and makes her (drugged) cup of tea, and then returns her to school while she sleeps.
Page 20

Prize Possession (Nightmare)
Annie is given a typewriter for winning a school competition but it is possessed and types creepy notes about previous owners, she ultimately sucked into it.
Page 24

Journey Into Fear...:Part 6
Electrocuted car thief runs off and nobody believes Janice, goes to trial and is sent to remand centre, climbs out over wall and car stops to pick her up, but is Satan’s Wheels…
Page 28