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Misty Issue 18

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Date:June 3rd, 1978

Journey Into Fear...:Part 5
Kev breaks up with Gemma and is angry about possible damage to car, Jan has nightmare about it and parents start to see she is really worried, they argue with Kev who refuses to get rid of car, Jan sees someone trying to steal it but they get electrocuted.
Page 3

Queen's Weather (Beasts)
Sally and Gina are sunbathing and wish they could do this all the time (like queens or princesses), Sally swats a bee and they plot their revenge (narrator reveals this) and mass on her, stinging her, and she becomes queen of the hive.
Page 7

Day Of The Dragon:Part 9
Dave finds shop closed and attacks Wang, making him take him to Gayle. Michael Lee tells Gayle she is his soulmate and he has waited for her reincarnation so they can be married, and shows her Chiang’s sword, which has not rusted, showing his love for her is still strong. Dave arrives to save her.
Page 11

Skeletal highwayman with reluctant girl accomplice, makes her lie in road to stop coaches, she tries to defy him, they go to inn and are told about ghost at nearby gibbet [a gallows not a gibbet??], next robbery goes wrong and highwayman says he will set up innocent traveller for crime, but turns out to be ghost and he runs with terror into arms of law.
Page 16

The School Of The Lost...:Part 6
Jenny asks to visit home and told no, tries to get a note to Dr to help her, but he is in league with them. Borrows blazer from girl to order men setting up tents around and sneaks out by jumping into truck with their tent.
Page 19

When The Lights Go Out! (Nightmare)
Anne has to go to boring kids party at her mum’s workplace (department store) but vows to get something out of it for herself, sneaks into fashion floor and steals clothes, shakes dummy’s hand and it speaks to her, and then reveals she is a ghost using dummy’s body, just like others on this floor, and Anne realises she has been turned into one too.
Page 24

Paint It Black:Part 18
Maggie confronts Thursby and he burns her paintings and paints so nobody will find out. Descendants of Amy’s arrive asking for money for their daughter’s operation and Maggie says they can have money from the paintings, and Thursby repents and says he will give it to them. Some months later Maggie visits ruined house and tells Amy the girl has recovered, and sees her face smiling at window.
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