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Misty Issue 17

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Date:May 27th, 1978

Journey Into Fear...:Part 4
Janice is charged with dangerous driving, parents come to collect her and they have to drive home in the car.
Page 3

Poor Jenny (Beasts)
Jenny has no memory of her life, but memories of being hunted, fears she is a werewolf, is convinced otherwise as the moon is out, but then revealed she is actually a wolf who turns into a girl
Page 7

The School Of The Lost...:Part 5
Mrs Oak says they must delay until evening as head is on prowl, that night she tries to help Jenny escape but falls into trenches dug by girls for lighting for the gala
Page 12

Day Of The Dragon:Part 8
Dave discovers Gayle has gone, Mr Lee tells her she is reincarnation of Chen, Dave goes to Yellow Dragon but finds it has closed down.
Page 16

The Ring Of Confidence:Part 2
Angela realises she will have to be vegan and cannot go out as afraid of harming anything – but also that she is aging, and because she has caught a cold – germs are living things. She resolves to leave the ring to Jeanette because ‘she’d never liked her anyway’.
Page 20

The Bell Jar (Nightmare)
Great Aunt leaves Katie model house in Bell Jar and parents upset as she was possessive of father – Katie ends up sucked into Bell Jar and trapped in model house (parents devastated but is Katie happy?)
Page 22

Paint It Black:Part 17
Thursby comes to see Maggie to stop her painting more, she tells him she knows end of story (shown directly in panels) – Maria tries to help Amy escape through window and Thursby tries to stop them and they both fall to their deaths.
Page 28