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Spellbound Issue 16

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Date:January 8th, 1977

Poison Penny
Sandra arrives at new school but discovers Penny has everyone under her thumb.
Page 3

The Shop At Shudder Corner:Part 3
The girls shine the torch on a cameo brooch and return to 15thC London where they encounter thieves trying to steal it and get caught up in great fire of London before returning home.
Page 8

Sing A Song Of Terror:Part 6
Sally and Miss Blake are arrested, but then able to escape as Sabbatha hypnotises the guards because she wantes them as scapegoats, they realise that Stonehenge is next but are unable to save it.
Page 12

The Green-eyed Guardians (Supercats)
Helen sent as ambassador to Planet Felix where the giant cats keep humans as pets, she shows them that it is better if they work together as humans have valuable skills for them too.
Page 16

The Trendy Ghost Of Garston (Damian Darke)
Babs and Betty (who is black) open their own boutique but hear mysterious noises and find the clothes in a mess; they tick off the ghost who they realise is a dandy called Beau Brand who used to live there, later he helps them sell their men's clothes by advertising them.
Page 21

The Face At The Window
Narrator and her friends are hospitalised with scarlet fever and bored until another patient, Helen, tells them about the Heart family who she watches from the window, but then they are told she died and when they look out the window there is no family, just the tombstone of Helen Heart d.1850.
Page 24

Revenge Of The Black Swan:Part 6
Karen sneaks back undetected with help of the swan, she meets an old tramp and overhears the villagers saying they must have a meeting that night to get rid of the evidence.
Page 25

The Dark Secret Of Grimstone Grange:Part 8
The girls escape the Gaunts and Fang, Louise drops the locket and they find a map behind the picture showing where her mother's casket with treasure is hidden.
Page 29

On A Wild Winter's Night
Tess and Janet are saved from freezing in a snowstorm by a man who they then discover is a ghost who died in a storm.
Page 32