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Misty Issue 16

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The Ring Of Confidence

Date:May 20th, 1978

Journey Into Fear...:Part 3
Jan throws water on Gemma and washes off the acid but she is blistered, Kev is unhurt and takes her to hospital. Car tricks Jan into getting in and sets off with her dad in pursuit, driving recklessly through town and nearly killing people, finally crashes out on moor and she is unhurt.
Page 3

Sticks And Stones
Gossip columnist Joan uses crossed lines to overhear about scientist’s assumed affair with ‘Gert’, and prints story which distresses his daughter Marilyn - turns out that this is a machine he has invented to cure sick wife, and Joan is crushed by her books of names.
Page 7

The House Across The Way...
Fran is looked after by her sister Isobel and is entranced by derelict house opposite despite her warnings, is praised for her science at school and then sees house has been made over, goes in and greeted by woman who turns out to be her in future – inspired to a science career by death of her sister. Ends from woman’s perspective ‘There was something familiar about that girl’.
Page 13

Day Of The Dragon:Part 7
Dave tells story to his psychiatry professor and then rushes off when they mention Li Huang Lung and yellow dragon as legend linked to elixir of life he realises he has left Gayle along too long but is too late as she is tricked into opening door and kidnapped by Chinese (ninja outfits) and Wang who say they are taking her to her wedding.
Page 16

The Ring Of Confidence
Angela is given ring by old woman and told it will bring her great wealth if she harms no living creature, she finds some money and then wins on horses.
Page 20

The School Of The Lost...:Part 4
Cook Ms Oak burns Jenny’s note and she is invited to help in paperchase, Miss Oak comes out to find her with her bag packed for her and begs her to leave, but Jenny is wearing head’s brooch and she spots her from car.
Page 22

Miss T:Part 16
Page 27

Paint It Black:Part 16
Maggie deduces story from paintings – Amy is the nanny and paints and is encouraged by Thursby family, when they lose all their money they sell her paintings and pretend they are done by daughter Maria. Her father sells these ten to Thursby who realises she must be figuring it out, and Maggie says she will continue to paint to find out more.
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