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Misty Issue 15

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The Staircase To Nowhere!

Date:May 13th, 1978

The School Of The Lost...:Part 3
Jenny goes into village to do shopping on school coach but driver is scared by her and villagers also avoid her. He doesn’t pick her back up and throws her a note telling her to stay away, and his bus crashes later that day.
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Silverwing (Beasts)
Jenny befriends a partially albino blackbird and saves it from others, and from a cat – she catches severe cold waiting for the vet and gets pneumonia and fever, bird sings and brings her back from death and she finds she can sing too now, bird dies, but she becomes famous singer.
Page 7

The Staircase To Nowhere!
Jackie is born with only half her characteristics (Gemini) due to cosmic disturbance – friend figures this out and takes her back to birthplace where she is made whole – smashes window in anger at waiting so long!
Page 11

Vengeance Is Green... (Nightmare)
Nina is bullied at school by Marion and friends, saves some ivy and plants it, Marion tries to cut it but it attacks her and Nina is forced to kill it to save her
Page 12

Day Of The Dragon:Part 6
Dave spends day worrying about Gayle goes round there and confronts Wang who tries to stop him, finds Gayle unconscious and she tells him what she saw, which angers him and he threatens to smash mirror.
Page 16

Paint It Black:Part 15
Mr Thursby offers £500 per picture as long as it is not seen by anyone else, Maggie’s father locks he back in, overcome by greed, and she paints ten, he sends them over, Maggie says she has figured out what they mean.
Page 20

Count The Flowers
Blind Polly comes and sits in the theatre for free every week and is company for the owner Mr Mobely who always gives her flowers. He hears her in the theatre on Sunday when there is no show, and realises she is watching a ghostly performance of a magician, Gant, who performed 60 years ago – he gives her back her sight and she says she believes in magic again.
Page 24

Journey Into Fear...:Part 2
Kev rescues Jan from car but is angry and becomes increasingly obsessed and family keep arguing about it. Car squirts acid at his girlfriend Gemma when she tries to distract him from it.
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