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Misty Issue 13

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The School Of The Lost...

Date:April 29th, 1978

The School Of The Lost...
Jenny gets a job at a mysterious boarding school where she discovers she is one of many previous fair-haired skivvies, and is constantly told she is being protected. Doesn’t tell on girls for prank and in bed that evening receives a warning on her window.
Page 3

Moonchild:Part 13
Rosemary punishes Norma and friends with cake and loud music (sun has got his hat on – record sticks), they run, but Norma sets house on fire smoking, Grandmother reveals she saved Rosemary and firebrigade put out flames. Grandmother dies in hospital and Rosemary’s mother leaves, Rosemary’s powers vanish and she goes to live with Anne.
Page 7

Let Not Evil Flourish (Nightmare)
Carol and bellringing group go to play in candlelit church, discover strange sign with musical notation, play it widdershins and it summons a demon – then Carol wakes up to find her friends have just realised this but she is in time to stop them [like The Dummy]
Page 12

Day Of The Dragon:Part 4
Gayle watches more of story (Dave has flat tyre so cannot come see her to make it up) – Chen and Shih-Yu are attacked by bandits, betrayed by her maid and she is returned to father’s house, next day taken to new husband who Gayle recognises as Michael Lee (who gave her the mirror).
Page 16

Dark Secrets...Dark Night (Nightmare)
Katrine travelling alone on train with kindly man in carriage, annoying man enters carriage and tells stories of ghosts and vampires to scare her, train enters tunnel and he kills the man and says he is a vampire, she reveals she is the train’s ghost and vanishes
Page 21

Honey's Bees (Beasts)
Honey and her father keep bees, he dies and she is distraught but put under care of kind uncle, then meets Bill and wants to marry but he is arrested, bees attack uncle who reveals he framed him as had gambled away her inheritance
Page 24

Paint It Black:Part 13
Thursby offers Maggie £2000 for all the paints and pictures as says it is evil power (and says to self he will destroy them), she agrees, but is reluctant to hand over picture of Amy.
Page 28