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Misty Issue 101


Date:January 12th, 1980

The Body Snatchers:Part 10
Nancy rescues her parents, destroys a plant copy of herself, tricks his man-eater into attacking Dr Bracken (he moves) and once he dies no control over plant people, house burns down as police arrive.
Page 3

Country Churchyard
Kathy moves with family to village and doesn’t want to join in youth project to clear graveyard, loses watch and goes back at night and sees tombstone with her name (belongs to her grandmother)/meets ghost of her grandmother and decides to help.
Page 7

The Ghost Of Meggernie
Ghost story of men being awoken with a burning kiss and seeing half ghostly figure – young wife of an early laird who he murdered and only buried half her body before he himself was killed. Ends on questions ‘Could it have been revenge? Had someone found out? We will never know.'
Page 12

Lynsey saves a dog from mean boys throwing it in lake, they kidnap him back for money, but Arthur barks for help and all the town dogs come and trap them in freezing lake.
Page 14

House Of Horror:Part 6
Madame Blaze tells Lizzie about her voodoo and that all her waxworks are zombies, lizzie beats drum which summons them but they are out of control, building burns down and Blaze falls off roof and dies, Lizzie escapes – and maybe so do the zombies ‘There are many dark alleys in London where they can hide, and we’ll never know they’re there…until it’s too late!’
Page 18

Screaming Point:Part 7
Lucy is captured by Uncle Seth but a mob led by Simeon saves her – he gets away though and final panel is unreassuring – Kemp’s shadow over a sign ‘hangman wanted’.
Page 22

Crowning Glory
Rona drugs and then cuts off her wealthy cousin Catherine’s hair after getting jealous about her portrait being painted, Catherine panics and dies falling downstairs and Rona gets locked in crypt accidentally – and then hair begins to grow up through the cracks in the floor, consuming her ‘Nooooooooo…!’
Page 28

Miss T:Part 101
Page 32