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Misty Issue 10

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Day Of The Dragon

Date:April 8th, 1978

The Cult Of The Cat:Part 10
Nicola jumps into snake pen and is bitten lots of times, taken to hospital intercut with her dream where she has killed serpent, they find no poison in her blood as is a ‘sacred cat of bubastis’ and she tells doctors and friends that she is turning into a cat – blood tests show her blood to be same as a cat’s, and one crashes through screen.
Page 3

Paint It Black:Part 10
Maggie paints another picture revealing the girl to be Amy, children’s nanny, questions why she might be making her paint ‘like Maria’. Thursby sees more of her paintings then comes to school and recognises Maggie.
Page 7

Seal Song (Beasts)
Meg and her mother abused by her cruel stepfather, she encounters a seal on beach that sings along to her recorder, he tries to trap it to put in a show but song becomes hypnotic and he is swept out to sea.
Page 12

Day Of The Dragon
Gayle and her cousin Dave in ‘town’ (London?) visit antique shop and she is given ‘magic’ mirror by owner (Dave is suspicious, and Chinese man ‘sinister smile’) when she gets home it projects vision of previous owner on wall, she looks like her.
Page 16

The Love And The Laughter
Molly makes a pact with Devil for her soul to help her Uncle’s ailing circus (despite his claims she helps him just by being around), it works and they make lots of money in just one day, then conjurer returns and Uncle figures out pact, they burn the book and spell is broken
Page 18

The Sentinels:Part 10
Protests outside the Sentinels in real world about the missing people, and Jan’s family told Jan and Sally are not on holiday. In parallel world, Other Jan’s dad and Fergus say they will not continue with their plan to feed people into the ‘real’ world, and that they will rescue Jan’s dad by substituting the Other Jan’s dad for him.
Page 24

Moonchild:Part 10
Dawn and Norma make plans for Rosemary’s party, Rosemary’s mother tells her about her grandmother also having this power and killing her husband, Rosemary starts making herself a dress for the party and then sees her grandmother’s ghost.
Page 28