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True Ghost

A Peasant Girl's Revenge!

Marie Lebrun, peasant at time of Joan of Arc, killed in black arts sacrifice and haunted her killer until he died.

Misty, Issue 79 (1979)

Down in The Cellar

Rosemary and family holiday in a cottage where Rosemary feels a sad presence in cellar and hears sound of spinning overnight. They discover love letters hidden beneath the floorboards from girl to her boyfriend that were never delivered by her cruel father who kept her trapped in cellar spinning yarn, and after that the ghost leaves.

Misty Annual, Issue 1982 (1982)

Strange Meeting

Karen Jones on way to Gran’s funeral sees Gran’s apparition in car with scar on face who says her mother was a bad daughter and hit her and made her change will – both turn out to be true.

Misty, Issue 96 (1979)

The Bone Of Doom

Wife brings back piece of bone from Egyptian tomb and bad luck then dogs family.

Misty, Issue 93 (1979)

The Brave Maid Of Norfolk

Farmer makes a bet his servant Mary-Anne is brave enough to get a skull from charnel house, sexton hides there and pretends to be ghost but when they go back for him he is dead ‘Had he died of fright at finding himself locked in? Or had his antics aroused and offended some sinister presence in that evil place? We shall never know.’

Misty, Issue 86 (1979)

The Cave Of Horror

Misty, Issue 90 (1979)

The Fair Fiend Of Dunstanburgh

Sir Guy vows to rescue a ghostly woman but fails and now haunts the castle

Misty Holiday Special, Issue 1980 (1980)

The Ghost Of Yankee Jim

Lillian sees ghost of Yankee Jim wrongly hanged on ground her house was on in San Diego – after discovering his story lived in house all her life and became fond of him (diaries) (true story retold by Anita Davies re Whaley House).

Misty, Issue 92 (1979)

The Green Lady Of Thorpe Hall

Widow Juanita falls in love with an English prisoner and sells her jewels to free him, then follows him to England and finds he is married and kills herself and haunts his mansion.

Misty Annual, Issue 1982 (1982)

The Haunted Barn

In 1802 poor milkmaid Alison works herself to death to get food and then haunts the barn in which she was made to thresh corn by mean farmer’s wife.

Misty, Issue 83 (1979)

The Night Demon

1817 in USA, farmgirl Betsy haunted by malevolent ghost, who has a grudge against her father – when he dies the hauntings stop.

Misty, Issue 75 (1979)

You Never Know Who

True ghost story of Nun’s Bridge – lorry driver picks up her ghost (drowned by brother for sake of family honour).

Misty, Issue 85 (1979)