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... And I Love You So

Spellbound, Issue 47 (1977)

Baby Blue-Eyes

Spellbound, Issue 64 (1977)

Beautiful Dreamer

Spellbound, Issue 48 (1977)

Check Mate

2077 and futuristic chess tournament, the winner vanishes on way home and Supercats investigate, they find he has been kidnapped by nearby planet who hunt him as part of a live chess match and they save him.

Spellbound, Issue 21 (1977)

Danger! Child At Play

Spellbound, Issue 14 (1976)

Disaster Day

Spellbound, Issue 63 (1977)


Spellbound, Issue 62 (1977)

From Out Of The Storm...

Crew are caught in an electrical storn on way to Emor which appears like Ancient Rome, they rescue Tara, sister of the cruel Empress but are captured and she sends them to fight as gladiators, they use their powers to win and the crowd decide to worship Tara.

Spellbound, Issue 17 (1977)

From The Mists Of The Past!

Supercats land on planet Saurus and discover it is prehistoric, they are captured by Tyrons but use the dinosaurs as a distraction to help them escape,

Spellbound, Issue 12 (1976)

Garden Of Evil (b)

The crew are on a mission to rescue a missing research team, when they arrive at the planet all the plants attack them, they find the scientists who say they discovered a mineral that made the plants grow and one is controlling them, they destroy the giant mushroom with an excess of fertiliser and get away.

Spellbound, Issue 8 (1976)

Ghost Ship

Spellbound, Issue 39 (1977)

Here Comes The Bride

Spellbound, Issue 44 (1977)

Her Majesty Netina

Spellbound, Issue 43 (1977)

I Am The Power

Spellbound, Issue 41 (1977)

Mission Destroy

Spellbound, Issue 42 (1977)

No Place For Trespassers

Spellbound, Issue 28 (1977)

Operation Noah

Spellbound, Issue 27 (1977)

Planet Of The Flowers

The Lynx is damaged in a meteor storm and so they set down on a planet of beautiful flowers who seem to be sentient. Flora and Electra explore and are taken to the Queen who tells them about invaders (weeds) and in a plan to help they take off and spray chemicals to make it rain which saves the plants.

Spellbound, Issue 4 (1976)

Princess In Peril

Spellbound, Issue 59 (1977)

Prisoner Of The Plants

Spellbound, Issue 51 (1977)

River Deep

Spellbound, Issue 68 (1978)

Roxana's Revenge

Spellbound, Issue 37 (1977)

Sundown On Somorra

Crew sent to evacuate prospectors, but they are all affected by the sun except Hercula who had her back to monitor, and startacting crazy, she saves them all and they escape.

Spellbound, Issue 24 (1977)


At Least 1 Supercats story is untitled. (Spellbound 50)

Spellbound, Issue 50 (1977)

Supercats And The Mystery Of Brogarro

The team are tasked with stopping the war on this violent planet, they appeal to the women but are rebuffed on both sides, then demonstrate their technology and show them the death war causes and the women stop the men from fighting and the Supercats teach them sport instead.

Spellbound, Issue 5 (1976)

Supercats And The Spider Queen

The spaceship Lynx is trapped in a giant spider web but use their powers to escape.

Spellbound, Issue 2 (1976)

Supercats Meet The Sun God

The crew crash on an ancient egyptian planet and Helena is nearly sacrificed to the sun god but they use their powers to escape.

Spellbound, Issue 1 (1976)

Terror Time

Spellbound, Issue 66 (1977)

The Blossoms

Spellbound, Issue 46 (1977)

The Captive Castaway

The crew rescue an old man in response to his SOS but he reveals he has been under sentence on the planet after killing a prince thinking he was a bird, his sentencers agree he can be freed as they did not realise humans age so much compared to their race.

Spellbound, Issue 7 (1976)

The Deadly Daffodil

The crew are hunting for some missing spaceships, they land on a plant and realise everything there is an illusion, they take tablets to break this and are attacked by a robot which they destroy, breaking the hypnosis on the other space crews.

Spellbound, Issue 6 (1976)

The Deadly Doubles

Supercats visit Zoltans and are accused of robbery, imprisoned and then rescued/kidnapped by Rafflic who has made androids of them, they escape and prove their innocence.

Spellbound, Issue 20 (1977)

The Deadly Violins

The crew land their shuttlecraft 'Kitten' on planet Charos but it is faulty so Electra and Helen stay to fix it while the other two explore and become hypnotised by two dolls playing violins, but they rescue them and destroy the dolls and their leader.

Spellbound, Issue 11 (1976)

The Doomed Ones

Spellbound, Issue 9 (1976)

The Flame Of Life

Spellbound, Issue 49 (1977)

The God Of The Sea

Spellbound, Issue 52 (1977)

The Green-eyed Guardians

Helen sent as ambassador to Planet Felix where the giant cats keep humans as pets, she shows them that it is better if they work together as humans have valuable skills for them too.

Spellbound, Issue 16 (1977)

The Imposter

Part 1 Is untitled

Spellbound, Issue 22 (1977)

The Modello Mystery

Spellbound, Issue 54 (1977)

The Music Master

Spellbound, Issue 58 (1977)

The Mystery Of Galaxy Minor

Spellbound, Issue 34 (1977)

The Prince Of Vyron

Spellbound, Issue 26 (1977)

The Queen Must Die

Spellbound, Issue 56 (1977)

The Silent City

Spellbound, Issue 18 (1977)

The Sleeping Planet

Spellbound, Issue 30 (1977)

The Star Minstrel

Spellbound, Issue 55 (1977)

The Statues Of Xenod

Spellbound, Issue 32 (1977)

The Tapes Of Terror

Crew answer a distress call from Planet of Peace, tapes have been stolen that allude to its warlike history and are being used to start a war, they destroy the tapes and head for Earth.

Spellbound, Issue 25 (1977)

The Touch Of Death

Spellbound, Issue 45 (1977)

The Wandermen Of Kree

The Supercats are on a rescue mission to find inhabitants on Kree which has been poisoned by a space collision. Fauna goes to the planet to investigate and is reminded of her childhood there and discovers her childhood friend and saves them.

Spellbound, Issue 3 (1976)

Trapped In The Pages Of Peril

The crew visit planet Kronus for an observation mission and discover that the characters there are being controlled by a superbrain to act out stories of a book - Helen leaves her book there and life changes to a peaceful rural story.

Spellbound, Issue 13 (1976)

Where The Roses Bloom

Spellbound, Issue 33 (1977)

Wings Of Fear

Spellbound, Issue 67 (1977)