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A Face In The Mirror

Tammy, Issue 359 (1978)

Anumbe's Spikes

Tammy, Issue 377 (1978)

Battle Of The Kites

June, Issue 413 (1969)

Cheats Never Propsper

June, Issue 558 (1972)

Crystal Clear (b)

Tammy, Issue 365 (1978)

Curse Of The Roman Sword

Moira finds an old sword and cuts self on it, then things start to go wrong for village (supermarket, new road) and she thinks it must be cursed. There’s a big flood and then she discovers it has been sent away - and that the flood will mean no new road and supermarket due to damage caused. ‘Moira is still sure about the sword putting a curse on the village. And how many of you would say she was wrong, I wonder?’

June, Issue 507 (1971)

Misty Holiday Special, Issue 1979 (1979)

Darling Dolphy

June, Issue 672 (1974)

Flight Of Fear

Tammy, Issue 363 (1978)

Marsh On The Moor

Tammy, Issue 364 (1978)

Message From The Past

June, Issue 553 (1972)

Mister Mack's Last Trick

Diana For Girls, Issue 1971 (1971)

Night Of The Witches

Diana For Girls, Issue 1970 (1970)

Pen Of Peace

June, Issue 556 (1972)

The Bracelet Of Love

June, Issue 557 (1972)

The Complete Works Of Mr. Dickens

Tammy, Issue 367 (1978)

The Dancing Bear

Tammy, Issue 379 (1978)

The Diary From The Past

June, Issue 207 (1965)

The Gauntlet Of Honour

June, Issue 562 (1972)

The Ghost in The Big Top

Diana For Girls, Issue 1972 (1972)

The Ghostly Tramp

June, Issue 559 (1972)

The Haunted Room

June, Issue 563 (1972)

The Humming Top

June, Issue 560 (1972)

The Juicy Mackerel

Tammy, Issue 390 (1978)

The Laburnum Tree

June, Issue 320 (1967)

The Luckiest Dip

June, Issue 361 (1968)

The Master Of The Birds

Tammy, Issue 360 (1978)

The Sands Of Time

Tammy, Issue 389 (1978)

The Secret Behind The Wall

Diana For Girls, Issue 1974 (1974)

The Sign Of Help

Tammy, Issue 361 (1978)

The Sorcerer's Gift

Tammy, Issue 376 (1978)

The Telly Fan

Tammy, Issue 395 (1978)

The Town Crier

Tammy, Issue 385 (1978)

The Toy Trumpet

June, Issue 561 (1972)

The Unlucky Horse Shoe

Diana For Girls, Issue 1973 (1973)

The Weeping Edelweiss

June, Issue 363 (1968)

Veronica's Visions

Tammy, Issue 366 (1978)

When The Clock Stopped

June, Issue 552 (1972)

Wreck On Stormy Point

Tammy, Issue 399 (1978)