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A Breath Of Life...

Colette tricks classmate (and us) in waxwork museum pretending to be vampire, rejects the garlicky food, that night classmate repels vampire with garlic breath assumes it is another joke and goes to find others but they have all been turned into vampires (dead empty eyes)

Misty, Issue 3 (1978)

A Date...With Destiny

Karen dreams about grappling with a stranger and falling off a cliff while running away, wakes and reveals she is in wheelchair. Taken to clinic for ‘miracle’ treatment and realises it is the one from her dream, bursts into tears as dr says she can’t wait to run along them.

Misty, Issue 22 (1978)

A Scream In The Night!

Jan wakes at 3am to see a shadowy man outside her third-floor window, he comes in and traps her in a ‘specimen box’ and takes her to his spaceship, then it is revealed that it is his nightmare not hers.

Misty, Issue 47 (1978)

A Spell Of Trouble

Queen Senga is tired of everyone saying she is too young so banishes all old women from city to starve, and demands potion to make herself older, but drinks too much and becomes old crone and is kicked out of city to be eaten by wolves (in image).

Misty, Issue 24 (1978)

Avalado's Portrait

Narrated by Maria. Artist Alavado draws portrait of her with ‘magic’ paint and then uses it to blackmail family as whatever happens to portrait she experiences. But her little brother also draws a picture of him and when she tears it in half he dies.

Misty, Issue 11 (1978)

Curse Of The Desert Girl...

Lina comes out of desert into town to trade, says she can do rain dance and farmers agree to pay her but then take back the money when it has been done – next day their farms overrun with weeds due to too-heavy rain.

Misty, Issue 27 (1978)

Dark Secrets...Dark Night

Katrine travelling alone on train with kindly man in carriage, annoying man enters carriage and tells stories of ghosts and vampires to scare her, train enters tunnel and he kills the man and says he is a vampire, she reveals she is the train’s ghost and vanishes

Misty, Issue 13 (1978)

Dead End!

Cath Clarke is a bully at school with unwilling accomplice Jane, when she leave school takes to mugging old lady who runs away into road and is hit by bus, Jane and Cath start to see her ghost and Cath goes for job interview and old lady answers door, she runs into road and is hit by same bus, revealed that lady is twin sister.

Misty, Issue 34 (1978)

Doorway To Yesterday

Penny refuses to sell Carnival she inherited to her mean uncle and friend and they decide to kill her but a mysterious stranger with roundabout arrives and protects her, and they hide in his roundabout and it takes them 100 years into the past.

Misty, Issue 31 (1978)

Fairy Gold

In medieval England, rude peasant Agnes tries to steal fairy gold and avoids some of their tricks, but falls asleep in their land and time passes more quickly outside, she escapes with gold but is old and dies trying to get back into fairyland

Misty, Issue 37 (1978)

Garden Of Evil

Redrawn as "The Evil Garden" in Misty Annual 81

Fairy tale setting, Tansy captured by wicked queen and made to work in her garden of poisons, white rose pricks wicked queen and she dies, kind sister takes over.

Misty, Issue 53 (1979)

Let Not Evil Flourish

Carol and bellringing group go to play in candlelit church, discover strange sign with musical notation, play it widdershins and it summons a demon – then Carol wakes up to find her friends have just realised this but she is in time to stop them [like The Dummy]

Misty, Issue 13 (1978)


Panicked peasant girl running through village away from black knight executing people, told he is controlled by the ‘Master’, at end discovers she is a piece in a chess game

Misty, Issue 23 (1978)

Mirror Mirror On The Wall...

Sally and family move into new house with locked room with mirror, bad feeling, toby her dog dies when locked in that room, then sally’s reflection comes alive and grabs her, tries to swap with places but sally smashes the mirror and escapes ‘Every time I look in another mirror I’ll shiver… and wonder if she’s still there and waiting!’

Misty, Issue 61 (1979)

Prize Possession

Annie is given a typewriter for winning a school competition but it is possessed and types creepy notes about previous owners, she ultimately sucked into it.

Misty, Issue 19 (1978)

Rogue Star

A rogue star is heating earth's atmosphere to point of death, Tina then comes out of anaesthetic and realises this was just a dream, but story ends with newsvendor putting up poster ‘Rogue Star’s change of orbit makes no difference to earth’s climate says scientists’ ‘But scientists can be wrong – was the nightmare only just beginning…?’ ref environment?

Misty, Issue 63 (1979)


Writer also claimed as written by Bill Harrington with input from Ted Andrews

Jill goes to stay in Evergreen with her granddad for the summer, uncanny realisation townspeople standing out in rain at night and nobody has died for years, discovers they have roots. Final reassuring panel added where she decides to stay.

Best Of Misty, Issue 8 (1986)

Misty, Issue 1 (1978)

The Bell Jar

Great Aunt leaves Katie model house in Bell Jar and parents upset as she was possessive of father – Katie ends up sucked into Bell Jar and trapped in model house (parents devastated but is Katie happy?)

Misty, Issue 17 (1978)

The Bitter Tale Of Sweet Lucy

Lucy runs away from her keepers and is taken in by kindly family, sits near the fire and melts and her keepers reveal she was a waxwork with a soul.

Misty, Issue 35 (1978)

The Dummy

Bertie the dummy introduces tale (‘Hello, boys and girls’) with jokes (‘I’ve a kind face. ‘What kind’, did I hear you say? Well it was the wrong kind for Rhoda…’ and tells her story – father thinks more of his dummies than of her so she wishes on lucky rabbit’s foot that Beattie (fairy in his act, tricks us into thinking is real at first) gives her, ‘I wish Dad loved me as much as he does Bertie and Samantha’, and is transformed into a dummy, but this proves to be a nightmare and when she wakes he comes in to say he’s realised he doesn’t spend enough time with her (had same nightmare) and they go out to spend day together while Bertie winks at us

Misty, Issue 4 (1978)

Best Of Misty, Issue 1 (1986)

The Family

Judy is teased at new school for her scientist dad being a ‘mad scientist’ like Dr Frankenstein who is making monsters, goes to ask him about it and he reassures her, but next day same teasing and she goes up to his lab to investigate, while her teacher phones town they came from to find out more about them and help Judy make friends, but told they have no child at all – Judy runs down stairs when she hears her Dad coming but slips and final splash panel shows her as a robot (‘Poor Judy. Perhaps she shouldn’t have hunted quite so hard for her father’s… monster?’)

Best Of Misty, Issue 5 (1986)

Misty, Issue 6 (1978)

The Fetch

Spoilt Anita boasts about wealth, then father made redundant, has dream of going to ball in hearse/coffin shaped panel that then seems to come true, but hearse is at wrong house – sees error of her ways and gives away ball tickets to friend

Misty, Issue 2 (1978)

The Girl Who Walked On Water

Nan is a problem child, sent to Ms West’s house and continues to be mean, sees girl walking on water and forces her to tell her how, and takes her magic shoes, but then realises that they will make her sink on sand and girl tells her she is now free and Nancy will have to stay at sea until another girl comes.

Misty, Issue 35 (1978)

The Haunting

Val and Fi hiding in old grounds from Alice who is a pain, then Bess jumps out and scares them and says she can show them round sometime, they decide to scare Alice out of wanting to join their gang by daring her to spend an hour at old house and scaring her while she is there, Bess reappears and they explain their plan and leave Alice in a room, when Bess reveals she is the ghost (lots of shadows, standing in mid-air) and they run screaming as she reaches out for Alice.

Misty, Issue 7 (1978)

The Last Laugh

Ann goes to stay with cousin Sally on farm, who plays mean tricks on her, but appears to be scared of local legend of ancestor in gibbet and farm, so Ann starts reading there to avoid her, and opens locked room and finds moving chained body, runs away and it is revealed to be Sally, but she has wakened real spirit…

Misty, Issue 29 (1978)

The Sea's Graveyard

Jane and father on their ship Sea Lady and it sinks in storm, she wakes up on ocean bed in another ship, finds scrolls with names of shipwrecks on them and meets Davy Jones, she defies him and burns the scrolls and floats to surface, they are found by another ship who say it is 6 days later.

Misty, Issue 33 (1978)

The Shop At Crooked Corner

Ellie buys goods from corner shop owned by two men, one good with one blue eye, one evil with black eye, then discovers they are both the same man ‘doomed to live two different lives’ in Jekyll and Hyde type scenario

Misty, Issue 14 (1978)

Vengeance Is Green...

Nina is bullied at school by Marion and friends, saves some ivy and plants it, Marion tries to cut it but it attacks her and Nina is forced to kill it to save her

Misty, Issue 15 (1978)

What's On The Other Side?

Witch escapes in medieval times and travels to future where she possesses disobedient Peggy while she watches TV and traps her on other side.

Misty, Issue 26 (1978)

When The Lights Go Out!

Anne has to go to boring kids party at her mum’s workplace (department store) but vows to get something out of it for herself, sneaks into fashion floor and steals clothes, shakes dummy’s hand and it speaks to her, and then reveals she is a ghost using dummy’s body, just like others on this floor, and Anne realises she has been turned into one too.

Misty, Issue 18 (1978)

Who Pays The Ice Cream Man?

Hooligans on estate are changed into good kids by his icecream but OAPs go back on their word of paying him - hypnotised into following van out of town - Pied Piper.

Misty, Issue 52 (1979)

...Yet Another Teacher For Molly!

Conman jack applies for tutor job but when he gets there turns out they are vampires?/cannibals? and he is the main course.

Misty, Issue 46 (1978)