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Jet-Ace Logan

Dragons Of Saturn

Tiger, Issue 568 (1965)

Invaders From Jupiter

Tiger, Issue 517 (1964)

Starlord Annual, Issue 1980 (1980)

Jet-Ace Logan

The original run of stories in Comet

Comet, Issue 429 (1956)

Jet-Ace Logan (2)

The first batch of untitled stories in Tiger

Tiger, Issue 266 (1959)

Jet-Ace Logan (3)

The second run of untitled stories

Tiger, Issue 580 (1965)

Jet-Ace Logan And The Giants From Space

Tiger, Issue 342 (1961)

Jet-Ace Logan And The Invaders From Space

Tiger, Issue 303 (1960)

Jet-Ace Logan And The Legion Of The Lost

Tiger, Issue 503 (1964)

Tiger Annual, Issue 1974 (1974)

Jet-Ace Logan And The Missing Spaceships

Tiger, Issue 362 (1961)

Jet-Ace Logan And The Planet Of Vanishing Men

Tiger, Issue 376 (1962)

Jet-Ace Logan And The Red Planet

Tiger, Issue 551 (1965)

Jet-Ace Logan And The Sun Pirates

Tiger, Issue 462 (1963)

Jet-Ace Logan In 7 Days To Doom

Tiger, Issue 535 (1965)

Jet-Ace Logan In Haywire House!

Wildcat Holiday Special, Issue 1989 (1989)

Jet-Ace Logan In Menace From Mars

Tiger, Issue 416 (1962)

Jet-Ace Logan In Moon Mission

Tiger, Issue 329 (1961)

Jet-Ace Logan In Planet Of Tyranny

Tiger, Issue 445 (1963)

Tiger Annual, Issue 1972 (1972)

Jet-Ace Logan In Sabotage On Ceres

Tiger, Issue 392 (1962)

Jet-Ace Logan In The Day The Impossible Happened

Tiger Annual, Issue 1974 (1974)

Tiger, Issue 507 (1964)

Jet-Ace Logan Space Cop

These stories often had titles, but each was only a single issue. Where titles stories run across multiple issues they're broken out seperatlu

Tiger Annual, Issue 1970 (1970)

Tiger, Issue 490 (1964)

Jet-Ace Logan & The Emerald Planet

The original is 1.5 pages per episode. The 1971 Tiger Annual reprint applies considerable squeezing to the layout, without signifigant cuts

Tiger, Issue 432 (1963)

Tiger Annual, Issue 1971 (1971)

Meet Jet-Ace Logan

Tiger, Issue 261 (1959)

The Day The Earth Froze

Tiger, Issue 559 (1965)

The Ghost Of Jet-Ace Logan

The original is 1.5 pages per episode. The 1973 Tiger Annual reprint applies further squeezing to the layout, while including all (?) panels.

Tiger, Issue 466 (1963)

Tiger Annual, Issue 1973 (1973)