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Damian Darke

A Present From The Past

Susan visits her long-lost aunt who gives her a casket of jewels to help her with dream of opening a children's home, but when she wakes the house is crumbling and her aunt has vanished and she is told that the house fell down ten years ago, but she still has the jewels.

Spellbound, Issue 23 (1977)

Behind The Green Door

In Victorian times Grace and her brother sell matches for nothing for their mean boss Joe Sykes, they find a mysterious green door and are given extra money by the kind people inside, but the next day their employer becomes suspicious and follows them and opens the door, whatever he sees scares him and he is run down by a horse, and the children are taken in by the owners of the house.

Spellbound, Issue 15 (1977)

Between The Bridges

Nicky on school trip to London, falls into river and transported into past where she is saved by a boy, Simeon, and accused of being a foreign spy, throws self back into river and wakes up again in own time.

Spellbound, Issue 25 (1977)

Chess Can Be A Deadly Game

Melanie staying in country, follows her dog to an old house with clipped chess hedges, sees a battle - did she imagine it?

Spellbound, Issue 20 (1977)

Day Of Vengeance

Hannah is a grumpy washerwoman and Margot her only friend, Hannah gets visions of future but refuses to profit by them which angers the villagers, they beat her and leave her to die of exposure despite Margot's attempts to save her, Margot sees a ghostly vision of her beating 12 sets of clothes some days later and then the 12 elders who are now accusing Margot of witchery die as bulding collapses.

Spellbound, Issue 17 (1977)

Echo On The Wind

Susan is convalescing by beach after losing her memory in an accident, finds a dog while out walking, and when he nearly drowns she saves him and regains her memory from her accident, but when she returns home is told that a dog called Rags drowned there years ago, DD ends tale by asking 'What do you think?'

Spellbound, Issue 4 (1976)

Friend Of The Fulmar

Jill and Denise get in trouble while out on their boat, they follow a mysterious gull to shore and are saved by a stranger who then disappears, later they see a picture of the gull and are told it is a Fulmar and the artist was close friends with it until he died, they realise these ghosts were who saved them.

Spellbound, Issue 13 (1976)

Ghost Rider

Lindsay goes out on her bike in mist and picks up a mysterious stranger, they see the bridge is out and stop in time and he vanishes. Some days later she sees him in village and follows him, shining her light to reveals the bridge is out, and he manages to stop in time and thanks her.

Spellbound, Issue 2 (1976)

Hunted In Haunted Wood

Lynn and Joan explore a wood on halloween that is said to be haunted by witches, Lynn loses her bracelet and goes back later and sees shapes all around her but clings to a shining ash tree and they disappear, and DD concludes that the ash tree was used as protection against witches.

Spellbound, Issue 6 (1976)

Journey Into Fear

Jenny and Denise on cycling holidays and shelter in an old inn, they keep thinking they hear creepy noises and leave, when they look back it is just a ruin, then told in the Youth Hostel it is on the site of an infamous inn where travellers would be robbed and killed.

Spellbound, Issue 19 (1977)

Mystery At Howlen Hall

Prudence goes to visit her cousin at her old house after receiving an exciting invitation to go ghost hunting, is told by servants that she has gone away but doesn't believe this, encounters old woman in middle of night and housekeeper tells her truth the nect day, that this is her cousin, aged by whatever she saw when trying to raise the ghost - she never recovers.

Spellbound, Issue 21 (1977)

Spectre From The Flame

Jane feels strangely about a mysterious silver candle stick at the antiques shop where she works, when they are burgled it conjures up the ghost of a judge who scares away the thief.

Spellbound, Issue 1 (1976)

Swamp Of Evil

Lady Gladwell invites money lender Jethro Stern to her house and shows him her creepy paintings, which detail people he has ruined, he refuses to leave town and she lets him leave but he realises he is trapped in the swamp in one of her paintings.

Spellbound, Issue 7 (1976)

The Broken-hearted Lady

Diana brings an old song to her folk song club about a Spanish lady in a wood, on the way home that night she sings the song and falls from her bike and sees the ghost of a Spanish lady approaching her house, she realises this is a ghost who loved her grandfather but came to England to find him married must have then died in the wood - she finds a small crucifix on the ground made of Spanish silver.

Spellbound, Issue 18 (1977)

The Denvers In Danger

Julia and her brother Tom are close after their parents die from falling off a cliff, she finds herself on the same cliff and he rescues her, despite being miles away in London where he thinks he sees her fall from a train platform and then vanish, they decide that living people have ghosts that can help each other too.

Spellbound, Issue 10 (1976)

The Ghost Of Bad-Tempered Bess

Sylvie and Dolly tell each other ghost stories which she doesn't believe, but that night she is haunted by a ghost who plays tricks on her until she acknowledges she is real.

Spellbound, Issue 14 (1976)

The House Of Palgrave

Victorian lady Maria buys a house that is claimed to be haunted and many mysterious things happen and she is nearly killed. She is rescued by descendents of the Palgraves and marries one of them, breaking the curse.

Spellbound, Issue 3 (1976)

The Legend Of Lady Anne's Necklace

Anne arrives at castle in 1876 and hears crying in the night, is told story of previous owner in portrait who lost her necklace and her husband and never smiled again, finds the necklace next day and leaves it in front of the picture, next day she is wearing it and smiling and the crying stops.

Spellbound, Issue 12 (1976)

The Phantom Barge

Christine and her family see a mysterious barge and are told its story by locals - a mutiny took place and gold was stolen and the witnesses killed

Spellbound, Issue 5 (1976)

The Return Of The Sorrow Sisters

Cissie and Betsy in 1926 heading to a village for their holidays but when they arrive it is deserted, finally they realise that they are the ghosts.

Spellbound, Issue 8 (1976)

The Ring Of Terror

Lavinia has her fortune told at fair and is warned that the scarab ring she has will only cause misery, her sister falls ill and she smashes the ring and her sister recovers.

Spellbound, Issue 9 (1976)

The Rocking Chair

‘From the book of DD, a strange tale-’ Beryl offers to feed neighbour’s cat while away, sees old woman in rocking chair, is told when she returns that this was ghost of her sister ‘Well, did Beryl really see a figure in the old rocking chair? Only Beryl knew, but one thing is certain – she won’t offer to look after Miss Agnes’s cat again – ever'.

Spellbound, Issue 22 (1977)

The Trendy Ghost Of Garston

Babs and Betty (who is black) open their own boutique but hear mysterious noises and find the clothes in a mess; they tick off the ghost who they realise is a dandy called Beau Brand who used to live there, later he helps them sell their men's clothes by advertising them.

Spellbound, Issue 16 (1977)

When Time Plays Tricks

Sally has a mysterious illness and wants to go and visit her penfriend, she does but his house and everything else is not there, she is about to give up but then sees him, doesn't introduce herself and discovers he is about to move in there and all the letters she has from him are from the future. 'Strange, don't you think, and doesn't it make you wonder?'

Spellbound, Issue 24 (1977)

Whisper, Whisper...

Marcia buys a cottage and hangs an old mirror she finds in the attic but some days later she is discovered tortured by constant whispering because the mirror is cursed, a friend fixes the problem by giving it to an old lady which Marcia thinks is evil but then discovers the lady is deaf and will not be bothered by the curse.

Spellbound, Issue 11 (1976)