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Ghost Of Christmas Future

‘A Misty Christmas Special Story’ – Set in 1998 there is a bus crash and passengers seek refuge in nearby house which claims to be a museum. They find it warm and cosy and as are all soaked put on clothes they find and eat the food and have a Christmas party. In the morning a rescue party finds the bus with everyone dead and refers to an old Museum nearby burning down the previous years, not realising that they have all celebrated ‘one final, happy Christmas’ together.

Misty, Issue 48 (1978)

Ghost Of Christmas Past

(‘1928’ ‘A Misty Special Christmas story’) Sarah and family move into new house and discover an untouched room with a strange sense of sadness, some days later Sarah gets a terrible headache and they send for doctor and a strange man appears and saves her. Minutes later the real doctor arrives and tells them that they have seen the ghost of the previous owner who failed to save his own daughter due to drunkenness, and the next day they discover the room now clean and feeling ‘contented’ and ‘at peace’.

Misty, Issue 46 (1978)

Ghost Of Christmas Present

(A Misty Special Christmas Story) – Same house as previous issue, now a small hotel. Diana, the new owner, refuses to throw the Christmas party for the orphanage as her gran did every year. Starts seeing the figure of an old woman around, and thinks it is her gran but it is not, then one day it speaks and tells her this is her in the future, alone having turned back on everyone, and she decides to throw the party after all.

Misty, Issue 47 (1978)