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Cave Of Dread

Steffie overcomes her phobia of furry things and saves her friend in cave of bats, wins respect of bullies

Best Of Misty, Issue 2 (1986)

Misty, Issue 2 (1978)

Honey's Bees

Honey and her father keep bees, he dies and she is distraught but put under care of kind uncle, then meets Bill and wants to marry but he is arrested, bees attack uncle who reveals he framed him as had gambled away her inheritance

Misty, Issue 13 (1978)

It's A Dog's Life!

Mrs Abbott gives her dog Ling the best of everything and then discovers she has a grand-niece who comes to visit and is nice and starts becoming the favourite and Mrs Abbott realises ‘You are a selfish little thing’ and decides to change her will but that night Ling trips up Jane on the stairs and it is implied she dies

Best Of Misty, Issue 5 (1986)

Misty, Issue 9 (1978)

Napoleon Comes Home...

Amy’s dog dies and she is distraught but then begins to see him and play with him again, parents are worried and don’t believe her (despite seeing paw prints on floor and indent in her bed) and then one night see and hear him barking in garden to warn them house is on fire and he drags her father out (‘Who can say what they saw through all that smoke in the darkness? They could be sure of only one thing… he was safe.’)

Misty, Issue 8 (1978)

Poor Jenny

Jenny has no memory of her life, but memories of being hunted, fears she is a werewolf, is convinced otherwise as the moon is out, but then revealed she is actually a wolf who turns into a girl

Misty, Issue 17 (1978)

Queen's Weather

Sally and Gina are sunbathing and wish they could do this all the time (like queens or princesses), Sally swats a bee and they plot their revenge (narrator reveals this) and mass on her, stinging her, and she becomes queen of the hive.

Misty, Issue 18 (1978)

Best Of Misty, Issue 3 (1986)


Family move into old cottage and are troubled by rats, ask creepy Laird Cameron to help and Doris returns to house to get a book and sees a giant bat eating mice, final panel reveals he is vampire (but left unsaid and she never realises).

Misty, Issue 27 (1978)

Red Knee - White Terror!

Andrea buys bananas from market with poisonous spider while hearing news report on radio, lots of panels showing spider on her without her realising (so reader knows more), it attacks her in bath but is just her brother’s toy trick (exploiting medium), final panel she relaxes and hand dangles down – as real spider approaches!

Best Of Misty, Issue 1 (1986)

Misty, Issue 1 (1978)

Safe Until Morning

Rita bored on camping holiday with parents, falls in lake but monster watching her lifts her out, and then scares away potential muggers, and retreats back into depths, next day she is found and family decide to go home having looked for Loch Ness Monster for weeks without a trace.

Best Of Misty, Issue 6 (1986)

Misty, Issue 26 (1978)

Seal Of Secrecy

Margaret is forbidden to swim in sea by her dad as her mother drowned, but longs to – one day meets a girl in cove by her house but when she tells her dad he forbids her, telling her she is a Silkie – a seal that takes on human form to lure people to their death. Girl returns and Margaret goes into water with her, but revealed that Margaret is the Silkie, like her mother before her, and story ends with girl’s family waiting for her.

Misty, Issue 20 (1978)

Seal Song

Meg and her mother abused by her cruel stepfather, she encounters a seal on beach that sings along to her recorder, he tries to trap it to put in a show but song becomes hypnotic and he is swept out to sea.

Misty, Issue 10 (1978)

Best Of Misty, Issue 3 (1986)


Jenny befriends a partially albino blackbird and saves it from others, and from a cat – she catches severe cold waiting for the vet and gets pneumonia and fever, bird sings and brings her back from death and she finds she can sing too now, bird dies, but she becomes famous singer.

Misty Annual, Issue 1985 (1985)

Misty, Issue 15 (1978)

Take Two

Mandy and Trudy go swimming, attacked and eaten one by one by shark, film director shouts cut but then actor with mechanical shark appears and he realises they have really been killed

Misty, Issue 29 (1978)

The Changeling

Marie and Ann on holiday at remote Beaver Lake, Marie been as a child and keen to come back, promises to tell her story of why they are there after walk in forest, during which time she remembers being there as a child and getting lost and looked after by grizzly bear who keeps her warm and feeds her, father finds her and they don’t shoot bear, back in present day she encounters same bear and they hug, but passing hunters shoot the bear (‘Oh it’s cruel – so unfair! You gave me my life, bear, and now… now it’s cost you yours.’)

Misty, Issue 9 (1978)

The Day The Sky Grew Dark...

Tatum sent to live with Uncle Maxwell in his creepy silent house, discovers he is keeping birds in cellar and experimenting to gain power of flight, they escape and peck him to death, she answers phone and says ‘right now… he’s feeding the birds’

Misty, Issue 22 (1978)

Misty Annual, Issue 1985 (1985)

Best Of Misty, Issue 6 (1986)

The Guardian Lynxes...

Naomi and archaeologist father excavate an old tomb in Crete, find stone lynxes at entrance, once inside they come alive but Naomi orders them back imperially. They find statue of princess who looks just like Naomi, and she convinces father to leave everything be.

Misty, Issue 11 (1978)

Best Of Misty, Issue 4 (1986)

The Pet Shop

Rude Vivien and Steve get a mouse from a pet shop to try in their maze, but forget about it and it dies of exhaustion, they return it and are taken to see owners of shop who are apes and lock them in a maze.

Misty, Issue 24 (1978)

The Secret Of Lan-Shi...

Petra buys her brother Paul a broken mechanical lion from junk shop which he fixes despite note about its roar and claws, (Petra saves spider from death in her atlas), lion scares dog and then warning on radio about dead animals in safari park (fear lion attack), and lion attacks Petra and family, destroying everything in its way then stops dead and spider web has gummed up the works.

Misty, Issue 6 (1978)

Titch's Tale...

Titch is teased for being small, goes up to hill to fly kites with others one day and they all start to vanish, pulled up into air, revealed aliens are fishing but she is so small they throw her back.

Misty, Issue 26 (1978)

Best Of Misty, Issue 5 (1986)

Twist Of Fate

Jan in grip of giant python in jungle, flashback to previously her dad telling her about animals when plane they are on crashes and she wanders away from the wreck confused and cold, until caught by giant python but he just holds her gently ‘Keeping Jan warm and safe. She would stay there until the search party came. And she would be saved.’

Misty, Issue 8 (1978)

Where There's A Will...

Maid Molly pretends to be nice to her mistress and pet hamsters so she will change her will (but actually destroys her letters to/from her son), and then withholds her medication so she dies, and tries to drown hamsters, but they escape and eat the new will.

Misty, Issue 23 (1978)